"There was no question that my 3 year old girl loved dancing more than pretty much anything else, but I wasn't so sure she'd be able to do it in any sort of structured atmosphere. Enter Miss Geraldine and Grace Ballet! I've seen my silly little goofball who doesn't particularly do well taking direction, listen intently, stay focused and even practice her moves out of the classroom. 
As a father who has worked in childcare and early childhood education, I know it's not always easy to build a relationship with kids you only spend a limited time with, but in the short time my daughter has been in the class, only one day a week, she has already developed a great love is Miss Geraldine and the little community that is Grace Ballet. I can't recommend Grace Ballet enough! Stop hesitating and enroll!"        
-Rashad C.


"Most wonderful experience for our daughter Peyton. She loves going to ballet and Miss Geraldine is fantastic with her. She is exquisitely trained herself but also exudes a unique teaching style which is highly effective with even the youngest ballerinas. Will absolutely recommend her and continue our daughter's classes."  -Rachel C.


"Geraldine is the sweetest, most attentive ballet teacher I have ever met. My daughter simply adores her. If you want your little to have a special ballet experience you have found it here."  -Emilie Adams


"I was worried my three-year-old daughter would run wild and shred her tutu as well as the place to pieces. However this was not the case. Quite the contrary, Miss Geraldine with her calm kindness and sweet but firm demeanor is able to convey her love of ballet to each of her pupils and inspires a little ballerina in each and everyone of them. We truly love her!"  -Tara K.


"My daughter is 3 years old and has been dancing Fairy Ballet at Grace Ballet with Miss Geraldine for 5 months.  She absolutely loves the class, learning new movements and building on what was learned the previous lessons.  Movement is linked to music and the class is definitely taught creatively using make believe and imagination to engage toddlers who are curious about the world!
Miss Geraldine is wonderful with this age, all the songs and movements are fun and memorable, so the children can remember what they are learning. My daughter looks forward to class every week and likes to practice at home too!
The children are also learning how to listen and follow directions, part of the discipline of ballet. Great introduction to a class setting.
Miss Geraldine also encourages the parents to join in with the little ones if you like. So you can have a mother daughter dance class if you fancy.  
We also found that as parents, leaving the class creates better listening and participating as the kids aged from 2 to 3, and now every class is ended with a little performance showing parents what was learned that day!
Miss Geraldine is highly professional, courteous and kind.  The studio is bright and clean and in a good location easy to get to in downtown Manhattan.  
I highly recommend Grace Ballet."   -
Yvette Y.


"My daughter Chloe didn't participate in the whole semester as we were in and out of the country, but what she did attend, she thoroughly enjoyed!!! Miss Geraldine is a fantastic teacher!"  -Angela S.


"My daughter loves Miss Geraldine and so do I! Miss G's classes are beautifully thought out and teach the foundations of ballet in a brilliantly creative way (along with all the other life skills of listening, taking turns, participation, etc.). I am so thrilled we found this class and we both look forward to ballet every week! At the end of every class we are able to watch a little performance, and you cannot even imagine how sweet this is. Truly the best."  -Monica M.