Grace Ballet New York
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At Grace Ballet classes are offered from 2.5 years of age to 12 years of age. Class sizes are limited as Miss Geraldine believes in individual attention. Miss Geraldine is the only teacher and she creates an environment where every child relishes in the magic of dance. Miss Geraldine is more than just a ballet teacher, she is a role model and a mentor.

Through the use of imagination, creativity and music, Miss Geraldine teaches students class structure, listening skills, participation in a group setting and confidence. The students' imagination is brought to life through the use of props and costumes while learning the foundation of classical ballet, free movement and character. This foundation sets students up for all activities that they may wish to pursue in the future. 

Following the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus from 7 years old, students learn a series of foundational exercises which are either presented or examined at the end of the year by an examiner from abroad. They are awarded a certificate and each student is graded by the largest examination body in the world. 


"The Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus is without doubt the most comprehensive and purest of the classical syllabi that is available to the teachers of today. Deceptively simple, but technically demanding, it challenges students of all levels."
-Tracey Alvey






Classes are offered at the Imagine Flagship in TriBeCa

40 Harrison Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013



"My daughter is 2 and 8 months and just started Fairy ballet at Grace Ballet with Miss Geraldine. Miss Geraldine is wonderful with this age, all the songs and movements are fun and memorable, so the children can remember what they are learning. My daughter looks forward to class every week and likes to practice at home too! The children are also learning to listen and follow directions, part of the discipline of ballet. Great introduction to a class setting. Miss Geraldine encourages the parents to join in with the little ones if you like, so you can have a mother daughter dance class if you fancy. I highly recommend Grace Ballet" -Yvette Yasui | December 2016